The Creation Museum in Kentucky is a Bible-based museum associated with Answers in Genesis based around six-day creation leading to the story of the Fall, Christ, and our world as it is today. It’s a beautiful, state-of-the-art museum full of science and learning opportunities that will challenge and strengthen your beliefs concerning creation, Evolution, geology, the Flood, and even dinosaurs. This is a trip you will continue thinking about for a long time afterward.

Just tell me how to spend my day!

Kids Enjoying the Sitting Areas
Kids Enjoying the Sitting Areas at the Creation Museum

What is There To See and Do?

The Exhibits – Main floor

The creation museum feels like multiple separately-themed museums; they are all connected as you go from one to another. Each section has a different appearance and theme – all beautifully set up. Check out the Roman decorations. They really are exquisit with high tech videos and screens mixed in.

From human evolution to the authenticity of the Bible, you will be bombarded with so much information. If you aren’t interested in one section, just keep moving on. One of them will interest you. Don’t worry about taking pictures of all the signs to read later – grab the book in the bookstore that has all the signs. You will want to go back and reread and discuss and discuss some more.

The Garden of Eden – Main floor

This animatronic, life-sized colorful garden area tells the story of life in the Garden leading up to the Fall. Walk through with your kids and admire the details put into the setting and examine early life as imagined with Adam and Eve and their growing family.

Jesus' World Exhibit at Creation Museum Reading about the Jewish Temple
Jesus’ World Exhibit at Creation Museum Reading about the Jewish Temple

The Theater – Main Floor

While the schedule for this changes daily, you can familiarize yourself with the main video showings online to figure out which ones your want to prioritize. The 4D videos include a 4D experience with 3D glasses, sounds, wind, vibrating chairs, and lights.
Currently, while the other theater is under construction, this is also the location of the guest speakers. Compare the potential days of visit online and see if some appeal to you more. We went to several, and they were all excellent. Currently, in 2021, there is only one theater where the speakers, 4D videos, and regular videos are being shown.
Don’t overlook the back hall where you line up to go into the theater. There are great exhibits here for reading including the rock collection and extra videos to watch.

Fearfully & wonderfully made

Hidden within the bookstore, this section highlights the beauty of the developing baby. I assume it’s in it’s own enclosed section for sensitive eyes and kids who aren’t ready for such. There are model scales of all stages of the developing child which would be amazing for your teenagers to see.

Botanical Garden

During you walk to the museum, you will experience five minutes of the garden, but make sure you leave about an hour to explore the other areas. During the winter after Thanksgiving, this area is lit up to beome a winter wonderland. The rest of the year it boasts woodlands, rainforest area, a koi pond, and other beautifully planted areas. The ids will love walking across the bridges and exporing what is around the next corner.

Learning Earth Formation and Geology through Rocks at the Creation Museum
Learning Earth Formation and Geology through Rocks at the Creation Museum

Animal Encounter and shows – outside, bottom floor

Meet some animals up-close at the Legacy Hall on the bottom level of the Creation Museum – down the stairs from the 4D theater. These are held in a smaller size room, so line up early to get a seat. Additionally, stop at the animal zoo in the botanical garden to see the rest of the animals.

Dinosaurs – Bottom floor

You could miss this section if you don’t head downstairs. It’s a little offshoot and the most dinosaurs you will see during the visit. While they are discussed often, this is a small section. Definitely worth the visit though – don’t overlook the fossilized dinosaur eggs and touching the fossil. There are other dinosaurs and skeletons scatered throughout the rest of the museum, but this is a dedicated section.

Dr. Crawley’s Insectorium – Bottom floor

To show the variety of insect kinds and of God’s beautiful designs, this small section of insect collections has hundreds of specimens arranged according to their kind. I’ve never seen a more thorough display in all the zoos we have visited. Allow about 15 minutes and prepare to ooh and aah at the sizes and colors of these insects and bugs from around the world. This is on the lower level past the 4D theater entrance. It’s a small opening, but you don’t want to miss it.

Biblical History – Bottom Floor

Honestly, this was my favorite section learning about the Romans and the culture at the time of Jesus. See the models of the Temple at Jerusalem. Learn about the time of the Maccabean Revolt and the origins of Hanukkah. Show the kids the dress of the soldier, tradesmen, and families of the first century. See coins from Jesus’ time. This is a small section, but the timeline leading up to Jesus and his world is worth a study just in itself. Students of classical and Biblical history, both kids and adults, need to plan for an hour in this overlooked section.

Examining beetle speciments at the Insectorium at the Creation Museum
Examining beetle speciments at the Insectorium at the Creation Museum

The Basics


Northern Kentucky, approximately 15 minutes southwest of Cincinnati, Ohio


Monday-Friday 10 AM to 6 PM; Saturday 9 AM to 6 PM; Sunday 1 PM to 6 PM
Check online if you are visiting over holiday

⏳How Much Time Do I Need?

Plan for an all day experience. If you have smaller kids and know you won’t make it all the way through, I suggest you come after lunch for fewer crowds.


$10 parking in their large parking lot. There is a portion for oversized vehicles and RVs.
There is about a five minute walk into the creation museum through the garden once you buy tickets at the entrance.

Learning About the Accuracy of the Bible through Historical Analysis at the Creation Museum
Learning About the Accuracy of the Bible through Historical Analysis at the Creation Museum


General Admission Ticket

2021 ticket prices online are Adults $39.95, Youth (11-17) $24.95; kids under 10 are currently free in 2021 but you still have to get them an online ticket, usually $14.95
Look for a combo ticket with the Ark Encounter to save a bit of money
The tickets are not for a specific day and can be used up to a year after purchase.
While you can purchase tickets online and show them digtally, the line for buying tickets was actually shorter. This might save time on a very busy day.

Included in the Ticket

  • Creation Museum – Two floors including the Walk through Biblical History, Insectorium, Dino Den
  • 4D Special Effects Theater movies
  • Animal Experience
  • Special life speakers
  • Botanical garden
  • Outside playground

Not Included in the Ticket

There are plenty of extra opportunities to spend extra money; prepare yourself. This is not a non-profit experience. While the prices for food and extras weren’t as high as you would find at Disney World, extra events and opportunities to spend money will be advertised in the lectures and everywhere. The food seemed reasonably priced.
Additional experiences: planetarium, zip lines, snacks, meals, fudge shop, coffee shop, ice cream… And then there’s the bookshop conveniently located right at the end of the museum, so you have to pass through it to exit. Of note: the shop at the front doors of the museum is not the bookstore; this is more like a market of fair-trade products.


Food purchased in the museum is allowed throughout as you walk around. There is a coffee and drink bar as well as an ice cream station. Full meals are available in the restaurant inside the museum. If you are willing to take ten minutes to go back out to your car, it would be very easy to meet the rest of your group in the garden to have a picnic. Additionally, with your wristband, you can get back in the museum if you want to take a break and drive somewhere for lunch.

While the museum site states no outside food, our bags were not checked, and you could easily bring in a granola bar for a mid-afternoon snack to tide over a kid; I saw some doing this. We took in refillable water bottles in our bags without difficulty.

  • Check the schedule online to have an overview of scheduled videos, speakers, and events – mark these and plan around these. Plan to be at the theater at least 15 minutes ahead of time; more if you want to go to an animal experience.
  • Get to the parking lot at opening after a big sit down breakfast.
  • If not heading right into the theater and the museum still feels pretty empty, go ahead with the exhibit straight ahead; take advantage of the low crowd.
  • If museum feels crowded, go downstairs to see the insects, dinosaurs, and ancient history section. This was much less crowded and feels like a hidden section.
  • If the parking lot is already full, take time to wander through the garden and zoo. There’s no rush to get inside.
  • When the kids get wiggly after some exhibits, grab some ice cream or see a 4D movie – they’ll love both it will wake them up.
  • Leave when your brain is done. You don’t have to do the WHOLE museum. It’s really okay. Go eat a fun supper somewhere.
Watching Video at Creation Museum
Watching Video at Creation Museum

Mom Tips

  • Be reasonable! You won’t be able to read everything. Your kids will give out. Go when they’re done. You’re just making everyone (including yourself) miserable. Been there; done that.
  • Come to the Creation Museum before the Ark. While much of the information is repeated in both, there is a lot of new information. I feel our Ark Encounter was faster because we had already familiarized ourselves with their theories and information.
  • If visiting in the winter after Thanksgiving, the hours are extended in the evening allowing more time to explore the videos and bookstore. The holiday lights are the focus as the garden is lit up and offers a live nativity, activities, and extra snacks.
  • Don’t endure the crowd; go to another section and wait outsmart the crowd.
  • Make the videos and lectures a priority of your time. While the videos are offered several times a day, the lectures are not. Don’t miss these.
  • Feel free to leave the exhibits to go check out a video and go back. You will have to do quite a bit of backtracking, but I don’t know of another way to do it if you want to see everything.
  • This museum is a lot of reading with very few interactive displays. While there are artifacts, specimens, and dioramas, I suggest you leave this museum for the bigger kids.


  • This is a fully Christian-based experience with the museum completely based on a six-day creation plan. Even if your creation beliefs don’t align perfectly with this museum, there still is so much for you to take in – just attend with an open mind. Not to mention, seeing what others believe will only stand to strengthen your own beliefs as your see other viewpoints.
  • The creators of this museum, Answers in Genesis, is a Christian company with the goal to preach Christ. Part of the exhibits are “preachy” and may not line up with your religious beliefs.
  • This museum has a lot of walking. It’s a walk through the garden to get to the front door even. If you can’t walk far or have difficulty standing for periods reading or waiting in line, you might need to consider how you will handle this. Wheelchairs, both manual and electric, are available for rental through the Creation Museum.
  • If you don’t like to be in crowds, pick the day of your visit well. This museum feels like it has outgrown the crowd in some places with tight hallways and lots of standing people packed together.
  • Even though we visited at the end of 2021, there were no precautions to be seen. No masking, no distancing, and no visitor limiting. Bring your mask but be prepared to be the only one.
Learning about Dinosaur Kinds at the Creation Museum
Learning about Dinosaur Kinds at the Creation Museum


  • Look at the entrance for detailed, full-colored workbook for kids to complete during their visit based on their age. These are only $2; it is also available online to print ahead of time if you want. Honestly, we were so overwhelmed by the information that reading extra and filling out worksheets was undoable. I do plan on working through them at home using the book of signs that we got at the bookstore. This is also available to download through the website if you want to prepare ahead of time.
  • This is an excellent educational experience for Bible, science, and history. Terms like evolution, natural selection, and Darwinian are everywhere and will challenge or strengthen your beliefs. Biblical and ancient history are juxtaposed allowing for a review of both with archeological findings. Prepare to have plenty to discuss at home!
  • The bookstore. You’ve been warned. The bookstore here and at the Ark have much of the same books, so feel free to go home and think about your purchases. They are also available through the webiste if you change your mind later.


Check out the affiliated Ark Encounter. If you are very pressed for time, you could feasibly see both in one day with a thirty minute drive. However, you would miss out on a lot of both experiences.
Staying in nearby Cincinnati would provide the opportunity to explore this city and visit the Cincinatti Zoo‘s most famous resident, Fiona the Hippo. I wish we had time to see the museum or the National Underground Railroard Museum. I’m saving that for our next trip.

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