Creating a learning life means seeing every day as full of opportunities whether at traditional school, part-time school, or homeschool. When you change your view from “school” to “learning”, the world becomes your classroom no matter how you choose to educate you kids. As you learn alongside your family, you become not just your children’s teacher but the lead learner. staying at home, exploring Georgia on day trips, or adventuring on a road trip. 

Learning through Road Trips

My favorite form of learning on trips is merely looking for opportunities on the trip itself. I usually route trips in a circle, following a different path on the way home. I search by National Parks, historic places, special experiences, and museums. Make driving time can be educational with audiobooks and podcasts. Take books everywhere. And when mom and dad need a break, let the kids use car time to build the family culture – a shared love of movies just brings them closer together.

Kids Crossing Water Bridge at Indian Springs State Park
Kids Crossing Water Bridge at Indian Springs State Park

Learning Nearby

Grab a reciprocal museum pass, search for free local experiences, and print out a map of state and national parks. Museums around the country have brought us the best real-life history, science, and art experiences. When the kids were younger, we spent so many days at children’s museums. These give kids of all ages such amazing opportunities for creating, STEM learning, and imaginative play – soak up these days! 

Don’t overlook the everyday learning opportunitites around you that are easily added. All of these count as education.

  • Meet with friends for some nature exploring.
  • Seek out new places for a hike.
  • Grab some sports equipment and head to the park.
  • Take instrument lessons, cooking classes, or tennis lessons.
  • Prioritize Bible study, youth groups, and Awana classes
  • Join a local theater or music group
  • Find a local Boy or Girl Scout group
  • Locate all the nearby state parks and ranger programs
  • Learn about local produce at a farm or dairy.
  • Tour the fire department or police station.

This may mean that you need to become an adventure mom, leave your comfort zone, or seek guidance from other local parents. Just go!

Boy Examining yellow and purple crocuses rom ground level at the Atlanta Botanical Garden
Examining Flowers at the Atlanta Botanical Garden

Learning at Home

When we manage to have a day at home, the four kids and myself gather together for Morning Time. This is when we learn together as a family usually through books including lots of beautiful picture books, short stories, Bible reading, and culture studies. I love to include art appreciation through the study of beautiful picture books illustrations. In addition to memorizing and drawing maps together, I tie in our world through books about other countries, playing geography games, and watch TV shows about our world.

The typical school subjects like math, reading, science, and history are present in every day life and easy to take with us on the road. We family loves diving into history with books and letting it come to life in all of our United States travels. Science comes into their education through memory work, nature exploring, and tons of museum learning. 

When the kids are little, structured learning is minimal, and I try to look for ways to incorporate all the subjects into our daily life. Reading? I don’t push the kids before they’re ready, and I can happily say that we are now past that point of our homeschool journey. Most math is learned through lots of games and tying math lessons into life like through discussions of time, cooking, and money. 

Remember the most important perk of homeschooling – you’re the boss and can choose to skip as needed!

Girl with life vest Kayaking on the Lake in Dandridge, Tennessee
Kayaking on the Lake in Dandridge, Tennessee

Learning through Books

There are no limits to your adult or child’s education when you have access to books. When in doubt, go to the library and grab some books. You’re never too old for a beautiful picture book, and never without access if your phone is ready with some audiobooks.

Learning while Homeschooling

It’s easier to take your homeschooling on the road. Homeschooling doesn’t just change the kids; it changes (and stretches) the parents. The decision to keep your kids at home is definitely not an easy one – especially if you choose to do it alone. We have used Classical Conversations for nine years now including the writing program called Essentials. Once in Middle School and High School, these big kids jump into the rigor of the Challenge Program. One of my favorite aspects of CC is that even the big kids only go to class for thirty weeks. That gives lots of time to travel!

Every day, every family, and every adventure is an opportunity to learn together as a family. It all counts!

Looking down on the fossils and displays The Dinosaur Hall at the Perot Museum
The Dinosaur Hall at the Perot Museum

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