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Learn Science with an Illustrator Study: Jason Chin

Scientific topics come to life with award-winning picture book author and illustrator Jason Chin. Don’t just read them. Learn about the illustrator, study the details in his paintings, and compare them across his books. Take a deep dive into picture books at a new level!

Little Girl Pointing to Wall Map

Learning Geography Without the Boring Textbooks

Let’s learn geography in a way that actually means something so it will stick! But out down the textbooks and boring curriculum. All you need are beautiful informative books, a library card, and maps – and travel! Check out these books and supplies to get started and simplify world geography with these tips.

Greek Feast at the Odyssey Book Club Party

Kid Book Club: Tales from the Odyssey

Does ancient history overwhelm anyone other than me? There is so much to learn about Greece, so make it fun with a book club. With this guide to hosting a book club for Mary Pope Osborne’s Tales from the Odyssey, planning book club for your students just became a little easier!

African American Troops during the Civil War in Abe’s Words; Kadir Nelson

Kadir Nelson: An Artist and Illustrator Study through Black History Picture Books

Kadir Nelson is an amazing, multiple award-winning artist who excels in picture books about leaders in African-American history and culture. Each painting in his books are a work of art. Having a collection of Mr. Nelson’s books ready to go is a guarantee at an excellent history experience. Check out this list of the best Nelson books and learn how to do artist study while reading great picture books.

Stack of Abolition Picture Biography Books

Picture Book Biographies: The Abolitionists

Dive into American history and deeper learning conversations with excellent picture books. Explore the lives of Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass, and John Brown to learn the impact they had on Slavery and Black Rights. Black history shouldn’t just be for a month, and this book list will help you make it an essential part of your family and classroom learning.

Brothers Reading a Picture Book

A Beginner’s Guide to Illustrator Study with Picture Books

I’m a picture study rebel. A mom who wants to do art study but can’t follow through. Anyone else? When I discovered Charlotte Mason, I loved the inclusion of art study. I’ve always enjoyed art museums and frequently take the kids to them. I bought the big coffee table books of the masters, the Usborne … Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide to Illustrator Study with Picture Books