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Learn Science with an Illustrator Study: Jason Chin

Scientific topics come to life with award-winning picture book author and illustrator Jason Chin. Don’t just read them. Learn about the illustrator, study the details in his paintings, and compare them across his books. Take a deep dive into picture books at a new level!

Morning Math with Prime Climb

Learning Math through Family Games

Games reinforce math learning naturally — so much better than worksheets. Remember math includes logic, planning, patterns, shapes and matching… not just numbers. These are mom-tested and kid-approved games every family needs to know about.

Help! My Kid is Entering Essentials!

If you’re the parent of a rising fourth grader in Classical Conversations, you start to panic when it’s time for Essentials and learning grammar. You’re not alone. So many parents have doubts and think they’re not ready. You are! Let me tell you why.

Becoming the Lead Learner in Your Home

Homeschooling families don’t need big elaborate plans and curriculum. They do need actively learning parents who model learning for them. Invite them into your adult reading and learning. Show them education doesn’t stop when school stops. Be the lifelong learner you want them to be one day.

Classical Conversations: Our Top Ten Reasons After Eight Years (Part One)

If you’re considering beginning Classical Conversations, looking around for answers, or just looking for encouragement to continue, you’re in the right place. Use these top ten reasons to use CC to guide you during this journey and learn a few insights into what I wish I had known. After eight years homeschooling with this homeschool group, I have the insight you might want. Welcome!

Dad and Kids Kayaking Florida Springs

Explore Florida with a Crystal River Kayak Trip

Family trips to Orlando tend to be so tiring. With day trip toward the west coast, your family could experience a different type of adventure. Swim with manatees, kayak down the river, cannonball into a spring, and explore the Crystal River area and “the Chaz”. With these insider tips, check out this day in nature.

Little Girl Pointing to Wall Map

Learning Geography Without the Boring Textbooks

Let’s learn geography in a way that actually means something so it will stick! But out down the textbooks and boring curriculum. All you need are beautiful informative books, a library card, and maps – and travel! Check out these books and supplies to get started and simplify world geography with these tips.


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