What are the best games for travel? The ones you will play!

I spent many trips packing more complicated games like Ticket to Ride or Catan – they never came out of the car. These family favorite games are just too complicated to easily whip out and play. And they’re definitely too complicated to easily teach to new friends and family.

Moms and Dads, I know what you’re thinking. “I have to pack some school books for the trip. What if they forget about ‘xyz’.” Remember that there is always some learning that can be gotten through fun games; even math can be learned through games. Sometimes, you just have to change your viewpoint to see gameschool as a family priority.

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Playing Dominoes with Memma When Visiting
Playing Dominoes with Memma When Visiting

Small Travel Games

Think small. Small boxes don’t take up much space in a bag and are less likely to be smashed.

Great for a group, try to get the lowest score. This is similar to the card game Golf. Math and fun.

Think Uno but different. This one is easy to join in, start, and explain. Great for all ages.

Here’s a family favorite in a tiny box. It goes with us many places. Warning: this one might count as math.

Family favorite for all ages! This comes in a bag – extra bonus for easy transport.

A great group game to get older family members willing to play. Uno meets Rummy.

Great game for littles! The Disney appeal is for all ages, but it’s so simple that the youngest can play.

With quick five minute games, go head to head matching colors and shapes.

Who can pass up tossing little pigs? There’s a reason this one has been around for a while! It’s easy enough for all ages.

Get this double set because everyone else will join in. Like the classic Nerts, it’s like competitive Solitaire.

Funny Games for Travel

Bring the laughs to the crowd.

Get ready for laughing and table slapping and all over silliness. Teenage groups love it and anyone can join in. This one is fun!

Throw some of these cards in a big bag, and giggle your way through a game with a large group. Good for all ages.

This one is worth the box. Get the family size so everyone can join as you combine “telephone” with pictionary. Hilarious.

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Grab some of these games, throw a few in your luggage, and plan for some hotel room fun while you’re away from home.

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