The US has so much to offer for travel. FIFTY STATES, TWO OCEANS, MOUNTAIN RANGES, DESERTS, RAINFORESTS, ANCIENT RUINS, DIFFERENT CULTURES, OUR OWN AMAZING ANIMALS AND AND AND… MILLIONS OF MILES TO EXPLORE. I feel like we, including myself, are so eager to go “other places” that we forget all the beauty within our own country.


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  • A Key West Coral Reef Adventure with Danger Charters
    The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary protects the only coral barrier reef in North America. This third largest barrier reef in the world is in the United States, but to fully see it, you will need a boat trip from Key West. Sail, snorkel, and kayak in the Florida Reef with Danger Charters.
  • Key West: Know Before You Go
    The Florida Keys look beautiful with that seductive turquoise water. It’s tropical without leaving the country, but you need realistic expectations. Learn from my mistakes and make the most of your Florida Key family vacation.
  • Explore Florida with a Crystal River Kayak Trip
    Family trips to Orlando tend to be so tiring. With day trip toward the west coast, your family could experience a different type of adventure. Swim with manatees, kayak down the river, cannonball into a spring, and explore the Crystal River area and “the Chaz”. With these insider tips, check out this day in nature.
  • Exploring American History in Montgomery: A Day Trip in Alabama
    For any history buffs, Montgomery deserves a spot on your Alabama road trip itinerary. As the capital of the Confederacy and a leader in the Civil Rights Movement, there are significant historical places all over Montgomery. Give your family several days to explore and learn with this list of must-see sights.
  • The Atlanta Botanical Garden: How to Make the Most of Your Visit
    With thirty acres of outdoor gardens to explore, the beautiful oasis of the Atlanta Botanical Garden is one of my family’s favorite destinations in the heart of midtown Atlanta. Towering trees cover the Canopy Walk, children giggle through the Children’s Garden, and the orchids never fail to impress in the Fuqua Conservatory. With these tips, know what to expect and make your trip even better!
  • Creation Museum: Everything You Need to Know
    The Creation Museum in Kentucky is a Bible-based museum associated with Answers in Genesis based around six-day creation leading to the story of the Fall, Christ, and our world as it is today. It’s a beautiful, state-of-the-art museum full of science and learning opportunities that will challenge and strengthen your beliefs concerning creation, Evolution, geology, the Flood, and even dinosaurs. This is a trip you will continue thinking about for a long time afterward.
  • Cahokia Mounds: The Ancient Native American Mound Building Civilization You Shouldn’t Miss
    Did you know the largest ancient settlement north of Mexico is just fifteen minutes east of St. Louis? It’s practically right over the Mississippi River bridge. However, it isn’t one of the top visited places in St. Louis. Here’s the research you need to prepare yourself for a great learning and exploring trip through our country’s largest ancient city.
  • Discovering the Magic of Discovery Cove: The Answers to All Your Questions
    Family trips to Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida can be overwhelming when you don’t know what to expect. With these first-hand tips and tricks, your first trip to this magical Sea World park will allow you look forward to snorkeling with rays and meeting dolphins instead of searching for answers that you can’t find. Know what to expect and prepare for an amazing experience!
  • Kids and Dirt: Finding Quartz in Arkansas
    Details for planning a trip to Wegner Quartz Mine in Mount Ida, Arkansas – what to expect, what to pack, and other mom tips.
  • A Charleston Visit to Boone Hall Plantation
    Just thirty minutes outside of Charleston, is the longest continually working plantation in the country. Boone Hall Plantation in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina is a lovely place to experience real southern history through tours of the house, the farm, the slave quarters, and a presentation on Gullah culture. This is an excellent day trip to learn so much history in a beautiful setting. With this educational guide, you will be better prepared to spend your day and to continue your family learning at home. Just go!

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