Lice Treatments from the Pharmacy

The Lice Infestation of 2022: A Mom’s Cautionary Tale

Lice expertise didn’t happen during my training to be a physician assistant or my ten years of working a clinic. Learn from my mistakes. Learn what not to do. And learn how to get rid of them naturally and effectively. If you have lice, you need all the support you can get!

Klyde Warren Park's Food Trucks

How to Spend A Day in Downtown Dallas

The Dallas Arts District has so many amazing museums to offer that are within a walking distance of each other. Plan an extra day on your Texas road trip (at least) to explore this city. Within walking distance, you can find multiple art museums, an amazing science museum, the JFK museum, and the perfect family park. Don’t just drive through Dallas.

Goofy Times Holding Hands in Car

My Kids’ Top 12 Favorite Audiobook Series (and Two of Mom’s)

These twelve book kids series are some of our favorite friends. They get talked about by first name. Let the children escape into the familiar. Try out some of these audiobooks with your kids of all ages, and the whole family will be asking to listen.

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