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Six Ways to Travel and Teach Kids About Money

Travel is an excellent opportunity to show short-term budgeting across lodging, food, gas, and even outings. Including the kids in money saving and money spending may be one of the best life lessons you ever teach them. Here are six ways to include the kids in these travel discussions.

Learn Science with an Illustrator Study: Jason Chin

Scientific topics come to life with award-winning picture book author and illustrator Jason Chin. Don’t just read them. Learn about the illustrator, study the details in his paintings, and compare them across his books. Take a deep dive into picture books at a new level!

Working with the School Kids in Honduras

Teenagers and Mission Trips: Should You Let Them Go?

Should you let your teen join the church mission trip? Is it safe? Does it make you nervous? Mission trips were the highlight of my teenage years; let them be a part of your teen’s life experiences. I see your fears. Let’s turn them around together.

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