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Five Must-See Outdoor Experiences in Scotland

If you’re having a hard time narrowing down your destinations in Scotland, check out this top five list of my family’s favorite experiences. Make sure you add nature, animals, and historic sites to your UK itinerary. Check out this list of must-see activities that will interest kids of all ages.

Family Trip to Scotland: Our Two Week Itinerary

Has a family trip to Scotland been on your radar? Take it from dream stage! Although figuring out international travel can be very overwhelming, let me help you. Get to the basics as I help you learn how to get around the country. Take the family to Scotland – it’s such a magical place. Let’s get started!

Staying in the UK: 5 Things You Need to Know

AKA: Things I Wish I had Known Before Feeling Stupid in a Rental House Before our trip to England and Scotland, I briefly refreshed myself on the obvious differences between United States and UK life. The important stuff: biscuit means cookie, chips means French fries, and crisps means chips. Lastly, I bought a plug converter. I thought that was all…