I’m Bobbie! Thanks for following along on Reclaiming Wonders. We are a family of six who loves exploring, traveling, and learning while reclaiming the wonders of childhood and God’s amazing world. We are Georgia transplants, Texans at heart, and road warriors all over the United States.

Blessed to be in our ninth year of eclectic homeschooling, family travel through road trips have become a major part of our lifelong learning. These experiences frequently find a connection in our at-home studies and traditional subjects, enhancing all aspects of our lives to become global citizens.

Travel doesn’t have to be fancy to be impactful. Don’t just read about American history; go see it. Don’t just learn about ocean science; go experience it. Don’t overlook the nearby adventures while you’re dreaming of the exotic.

Thank you for finding us – I hope we can inspire you to get out and see something wondrous. Remember, it all counts as learning!

Family of 5 Downtown Miami

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