I’m Bobbie, a mom who loves exploring, traveling, and learning while homeschooling my four children. We are Texas-born, Georgia exploring, and US road tripping. In our ninth year of homeschooling, family road trips have become a major part of our lifelong learning. 

Hey there, fellow traveler!

A love of travel was one of the many things I found in common with my college best friend… who we now call Dad. Wanderlust goes back generations in both our families, so it’s no surprise that our four kids have it too. When Dad has to stay in Georgia to work, we don’t hesitate to take off on a family road trip sometime away from home for months.

Like you, I lived the busy life with college and grad school and the big house and full-time working mom. However, after a decade as a physician assistant, the stress of clinic work left us wanting the slow life. Our learning life changed when we moved to Georgia in 2018, and I became a full-time homeschool mom. Ironically, I grew up feeling bad for homeschool kids. And then God laughed. 😉

Enjoying the Sunrise on the North Carolina Coast

I want to…

  • See the beauty of God’s amazing world
  • Reclaim the wonders of childhood
  • Pursue an intentional family life, and
  • Create a life of learning. 

I love to help you… 

  • Plan the ultimate road trip
  • Make your travel dreams a reality
  • Embrace real-life learning
  • Explore off-the-beaten path, and 
  • Homeschool your kids with confidence.
Hiking to a North Carolina Waterfall on a Family Road Trip
Hiking to a North Carolina Waterfall on a Family Road Trip

Roadschooling takes us cross-country to national parks, historic places, national landmarks, and more museums than I can count. When home, our family joins our local Classical Conversations homeschool group weekly and take day trips around Georgia as much as possible. We love beautiful books, fun games, nature hikes, and friends. You can hear us from far away giggling, quoting movies, and belting out Broadway musicals.

When not trip planning or travel hacking, I can be found here in this space as a family travel blogger and travel photographer. I’ve always loved writing, have taken photos since childhood, and I was born to travel. These three things have come together to where I am today as a content creator – I’d love to help highlight your town!

In our family of six, travel dreams aren’t for the big and fancy. We drive for the nature and history and adventure. Give us a simple mountain view over exotic vacations any day. That doesn’t mean we aren’t scheming Europe (wink wink). Time spent traveling together is our favorite, and I hope to help you get there too!

Family of 5 Downtown Miami

Thank you for finding us and following along on Reclaiming Wonders. I hope we can inspire you to get out and see something wondrous. Remember, it all counts as learning.

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