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TV Schooling: 5 Shows For the Whole Family

Make family learning more interactive and fun with TV schooling. With these five shows as example, see how your family can travel and experience history in new way while cuddled up on the couch. Learning is a lifestyle!

Gameschool: Ten Tips to Make Games a Priority in Your Family

Incorporating games into your family life and homeschool is easier than it may seem. See the educational and growth benefits of playing games. Use them to grow as a family and learn new skills. Make the games work for you and allow them to become yours. If you haven’t found your favorite, keep looking and let yourself play with your kids. Prioritize it and be glad you did.

Brothers Reading a Picture Book

A Beginner’s Guide to Illustrator Study with Picture Books

I’m a picture study rebel. A mom who wants to do art study but can’t follow through. Anyone else? When I discovered Charlotte Mason, I loved the inclusion of art study. I’ve always enjoyed art museums and frequently take the kids to them. I bought the big coffee table books of the masters, the Usborne art cards, art puzzles, hung … Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide to Illustrator Study with Picture Books

Once Upon a Time

For an American family, we would be considered larger than average with our six: Mom, Dad, and four kids ranging in age from 12 down to 6. And, currently, we would not be considered normal. Seven years ago, we were more normal. Maybe average is a better word than normal. Our oldest child was in public school kindergarten, and Mom … Continue reading Once Upon a Time