Let’s head on a family road trip to see the Ark! The Ark Encounter in Kentucky is a Bible-based museum inside a full-sized reproduction ark. Associated with Answers in Genesis, this experience is based around Noah building the Ark as per the specifics in the Book of Genesis. With three floors of museum, it’s a beautiful, state-of-the-art museum full of science and learning opportunities as the realities of living on the ark come to life. This is a trip you will continue thinking about for a long time afterward.

Learning about Food Storage and Gardening on the Ark
Learning about Food Storage and Gardening on the Ark

How to Plan a Day at the Ark Encounter
What Do You Do at the Ark?
How Much Does It Cost to Visit the Ark?
What Can You Eat at the Ark Encounter?
Tips for Parents Visiting the Ark
Can I Visit the Ark if I Have Different Beliefs?
How Much Walking is at the Ark?
Education at the Ark

What is There To Do at the Ark Experience?

Visit The Ark

With three floors of the Ark to explore, there is a lot to take in here. On a crowded day, you may have to wait outside to enter – think a pathway separated by metal railings like at an amusement park.

The entrance to the Ark on the first floor is designed to show you how the Ark might have been set up with animal cages and food and water supplies. As each kind of animal is stored, you learn about modern day animals as well as some extinct including dinosaurs. There are cages on exhibit as well as showing how food and water would have been stored and distributed.

The second and third floors are devoted to the living on the ark, the Flood, Evolution, and lots of science. If you have already visited the Creation Museum, some of this will be repeat. There is also a small Bible museum on exhibit from the Museum of the Bible which adds in lots of history with actual centuries old manuscripts of the Bible to look at.

Food and Water Storage on the Ark
Food and Water Storage on the Ark

Hear a Lecture

These aren’t boring lectures! Think of them more as educational shows for the whole family – some with live animals! I love showing the kids in-person learning that doesn’t require the reading; bonus that we get to learn from someone who is passionate about the topic.

Check the online schedule or reference the paper version you get upon admission to learn about the different in-person lectures as offered in the very large auditorium. Some shows are only offered one time a day, so plan your visit around these as a highlight. If you have multiple days to choose from, look at this calendar ahead of time to see if one day appeals to you more than another.

As the founder of Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham’s in-person presentation was excellent and worth seeing. Despite being an hour and a half long, it is varied and keeps everyone entertained and interested in the subjects. Additionally, we loved the animal comparisons with live animals as we were talked through what animal “kinds” truly means. They were even allowed to get up close to the animals after the show.

There are also videos shown on the big screen explaining the building of ark and other subjects as varies per day. There is a snack bar and snacks are welcome in the building; this is a great time for an afternoon snack. The bookstore in the building has all kinds of material as published by Answers in Genesis and recommended.

Ken Ham's Event for Kids of All Ages
Ken Hams Event for Kids of All Ages

Visit the Ararat Ridge Zoo

The Ararat Ridge zoo is outside zoo and a great way to get those little bodies moving freely again. Interact with kangaroos, pet the goats, and walk through the many different animal exhibits. While this is near the exit to the Ark, you could also hit it first thing upon arrival if the line for the Ark is long. For an additional fee, you can also ride the camels.

For extra wiggly kids, there is an impressive playground between the ark and the lecture hall which could entertain for hours.

Petting Zoo at the Ark for some Upclose Goat Encounters
Petting Zoo at the Ark for some Upclose Goat Encounters

The Ark Encounter Basics

🧭Where is the Ark:

Northern Kentucky, approximately 45 minutes south of Cincinnati, Ohio

⏳How Much Time Do I Need at the Ark?

Plan for an all day experience. If you have smaller kids and know you won’t make it all the way through, I suggest you come after lunch for fewer crowds. Unlike the Creation Museum, there is a lot more freedom here for kids to touch and explore. However, prepare to not be able to see everything in the Ark before they want to leave and run.

If visiting in the winter after Thanksgiving, the hours are extended in the evening allowing more time to explore the videos and bookstore. The holiday lights are the focus as the garden is lit up and offers a live nativity, activities, and extra snacks.

🚙Parking at the Ark:

$10 parking in their large parking lot. There is a portion for oversized vehicles and RVs. You will line up at the ticket building in the parking lot for a short five minute drive in a bus to the Ark complex.

Learning about Ship Building and other Training Required to Build and Maintain the Ark

How Much Does It Cost to Visit the Ark?

General Admission Ticket to the Ark

2021 ticket prices online are Adults $49.95, Youth (11-17) $24.95; kids under 10 are currently free in 2021 but you still have to get them an online ticket, usually $14.95
Look for a combo ticket with the Ark Encounter to save a bit of money
The tickets are not for a specific day and can be used up to a year after purchase.
While you can purchase tickets online and show them digtally, the line for buying tickets was actually shorter. This might save time on a very busy day.

What’s Included in the Ark Encounter Ticket?

  • Entrance to the Ark
  • Guest speakers, presentations, and video viewing
  • Zoo
  • Playground

What’s Not Included in the Ark Ticket?

There are plenty of extra opportunities to spend extra money; prepare yourself. Although Answers for Genesis is a non-profit, there will be plenty of places for you to spend more money. While the prices for food and extras aren’t as high as you would find at Disney World, extra events and opportunities will be advertised in the lectures and everywhere. The fast food seemed reasonably priced but the buffet is quite expensive; I’ve been told Emzara’s is worth the cost though!

Additional experiences: fossil find, zip lines, snacks, meals, fudge shop, coffee shop, ice cream… And then there’s the Ark store conveniently located right at the end of the ark, so you have to pass through it to exit. The virtual reality experience is a separate cost as well.

Emzara's Kitchen for a Lunch Buffet
Emzaras Kitchen for a Lunch Buffet

What Can You Eat at the Ark Encounter?

There are many food opportunities around the ark. A full buffet is available in the Emzara Restaurant in a huge separate building to the side of the ark; although we didn’t eat there, I was told by multiple people that the food is really good. For smaller choices, there are hamburger and snack stands as well as a fudge counter in the Ark store.

Because of the bus ride and amount of time it would take to get back to your car, I do suggest that you eat at the Ark Encounter instead of planning to leave or go get your picnic. It is doable with your admission bracelets to get back to your car, but this trip would eat up quite a bit of your day – especially on a very busy day with long lines.

While the museum site states no outside food, our bags were not checked, and you could easily bring in a granola bar for a mid-afternoon snack to tide over a kid; I saw some doing this. We took in refillable water bottles in our bags without difficulty.

How to Plan a Day at the Ark Encounter

  • Check the schedule online to have an overview of scheduled videos, speakers, and events – mark these and plan around these. Plan to be at the theater at least 15 minutes ahead of time; more if you want to go to an animal experience.
  • Get to the parking lot at opening after a big sit down breakfast.
  • Be flexible with your plan for the day depending on the crowd. There is plenty of other stuff to do if 1,000 people are headed straight to the ark first thing.
  • Plan to have an ice cream snack or hot dog at lunch time; we pushed through lunch to go have a big meal in Cinicinnati.
  • When the kids are done, accept that they’re done. There’s only so much reading and learning a brain can do.

Tips for Parents Visiting the Ark

  • Be reasonable! You won’t be able to read everything. Your kids will give out. Go when they’re done. You’re just making everyone (including yourself) miserable. Been there; done that.
  • Plan to go to the Creation Museum before the Ark if you can – but it isn’t essential. While much of the information is repeated in both, there is a lot of new information. I feel our Ark Encounter was faster because we had already familiarized ourselves with their theories and information.
  • Prioritize. Make the lectures a priority of your time. While the videos may be offered several times a day, the lectures are not. Don’t miss these.
  • Meeting place. Apart from inside the ark itself, there is so much space here that it feels very spread out. With that in mind, I would suggest a meeting place on the grounds incase you get split up.
  • Match! With kids potentially running off in the Ark to dart to the other side of an area, you could easily misplace a kid inside. This might be a good day for matching T-shirts.

Can I Visit the Ark if I Have Different Beliefs?

  • This is a fully Christian-based experience completely based on a six-day creation plan. Please don’t use that as a discouragement to go. Even if your creation beliefs don’t align perfectly with this museum, there still is so much for you to take in – just attend with an open mind. Not to mention, seeing what others believe will only stand to strengthen your own beliefs as your see other viewpoints. If nothing else, walking through and seeing the scope of the Ark is person is so impressive.
  • The creators of this museum, Answers in Genesis, is a Christian company with the goal to preach Christ. Part of the exhibits and presentation are “preachy” and may not line up with your religious beliefs.
  • This Ark experience uses a fictionalized account of Noah and his family to tell the story and hypothesize about their life including naming the family members. While addressed briefly at the beginning, I strongly encourage you to have a debriefing with your kids after the trip to discuss which facts are Biblical and which are “creative license”. I hate to think the kids go to church and talk about Emzara, Noah’s wife, or how Noah lived with his inlaws for his ship-building training.

How Much Walking is at the Ark?

  • The Ark has a lot of walking. Depending on the day’s crowd, it may be a hike to the ticket station in the parking lot or a long wait to get on the bus. The Ark Encounter itself is a huge area and very spread out.
  • There is a lot of walking. The parking lot is huge, the ark is huge, and the park is huge. Don’t plan to run quickly over to the lecture and then go back on the Ark. Plan to stay on the Ark when there.
  • There are ramps leading up to each of the different floors of the Ark so strollers or wheelchairs shouldn’t be an issue. The incline is very slight – benefit of giant boat.
  • If you can’t walk far or have difficulty standing for periods reading or waiting in line, you might need to plan ahead. Wheelchairs, both manual and electric, are available for rental at the Ark on a first-come first-served schedule.
  • If you are a parent juggling multiple littles, I wouldn’t hesitate to bring a single or double stroller. There is plenty of space to use it, and you’ll wish you had it for resting and managing the crowds.
Special Lights Set Up During the Winter Holiday Season
Special Lights Set Up During the Winter Holiday Season

Education at the Ark

  • Top tip: Just coming to the Ark, the kids will learn a ton. Be okay with not adding anything extra!
  • Look at the entrance for detailed, full-colored workbook for kids to complete during their visit based on their age. These are only $2; it is also available online to print ahead of time if you want. Honestly, we were so overwhelmed by the information that reading extra and filling out worksheets was undoable. I do plan on working through them at home using the book of signs that we got at the bookstore. This is also available to download through the website if you want to prepare ahead of time.
  • This is an excellent educational experience for Bible, science, and history. Terms like evolution, natural selection, and Darwinian are everywhere and will challenge or strengthen your beliefs. Biblical and ancient history are juxtaposed allowing for a review of both with archeological findings. Prepare to have plenty to discuss at home!
  • The bookstore. You’ve been warned. The bookstore here and at the Creation Museum have many of the same books, so feel free to go home and think about your purchases. They are also available through the webiste if you change your mind later.
  • Grab the Ark book detailing all the placards you didn’t have time to read at the Ark. These could be used to guide further discussions at home.

What is Near the Ark Encounter?

Make sure you check out my post “Creation Museum: Everything You Need to Know”. If you are very pressed for time, you could feasibly see both the Creation Museum and the Ark in one day with a thirty minute drive between the two sights. However, you would miss out on a lot of both experiences.

If you have time for a day of exploring, drive an hour east of the museum to the Daniel Boone National Forest. The Red River Gorge Scenic Byway is a circle with multiple stops to hike to natural arches. It’s a full day trip to break up the museum leaning.

Staying in nearby Cincinnati would provide the opportunity to explore this city and visit the Cincinatti Zoos most famous resident, Fiona the Hippo. I wish we had time to see the museum or the National Underground Railroard Museum. I’m saving that for our next trip.

Family Picture in Front of the Impressive Ark Encounter
Family Picture in Front of the Impressive Ark Encounter

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