Sailboats in the Harbor Lighthouse Sunset Across Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City
Lighthouse Sunset Across Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City
Georgia Waterfalls

Explore the South with us as we travel our home state of Georgia into the Carolinas, the Gulf States, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

Bluebonnets in Texas

Texas and Oklahoma are our native lands. Start exploring my Texas up through Kansas to the Dakotas and east to Missouri.

Take in the beauty of Maui. We need to plan more West Coast trips!

Overlooking the Great Salt Lake from the Top of the Mountain

From the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico to the beautiful lands of Utah and Nevada, this region has so much to discover.

Exploring the Beach at Sunrise

Head up the East Coast to discover the American history and beauty waiting in Virginia and the Carolinas.

Scotland. England. Europe. Central America. So much left to see – bucket list!

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