Life is full of learning for adults and kids alike. Be intentional.
You can learn everywhere when life is approached with wonder.
Hit the road and do school with these suggestions and itineraries.
Homeschool with good books, travel, and exploring your world.
Go wander, explore, and snatch back the wonder of childhood
It all counts!

Wander Our World

Let my personal experiences guide your homeschool preparation with discussion prompts, research topics, and book lists to expand the sights before and after your trips. Don’t miss my insider mom tips too to help you know what exactly to expect to make your travels less stressful.
Head out on a family road trip. Just go!

Be Inspired by the Latest Posts!

  • Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary – Locust Grove, Georgia
    animals while providing education to the community of the value of all living things. With the goal of releasing animals back into the wild, this center offers these domestic, farm, exotic, and retired medical research animals a permanent home if this is not possible. Each large habitat area is set up to try to mimic their home as much as possible. Come see lions, tigers, bears, monkeys, and so much more.
  • Dunwoody Nature Center – Dunwoody, Georgia
    The Dunwoody Nature Center is a free, shaded nature area just north of downtown Atlanta. There are multiple playgrounds to climb, tons of native forest for nature exploring, a wetlands boardwalk, stream water play, two miles of hiking trails, and a nature center with opportunities for geocaching nearby. It’s a great green space for a day of family fun.
  • Carlos C. Carlos Museum at Emory University – Atlanta, Georgia
    Located on the campus of Emory University in Atlanta is the Carlos Museum, an excellent, low-cost museum for all things ancient history. This lesser visited history museum is worth a tour and the only history museum for ancient history in the greater Atlanta area.
  • Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area – Lithonia, Georgia
    Arabia Mountain is a 2,500 acre preserved nature area east of Atlanta with the rocky hiking as the central focus point. This ever changing landscape needs to be appreciated at different times all throughout the year. Come and watch the changes in nature: blooming diamorpha red, diamorpha changes to white flowers, cactus blooming, yellow daisies, purple flowers, and lovely ever-present lichen and mosses. Go explore!

Wonder at All Ages

Brothers Reading a Picture Book


A learning life is all around us. You just have to see the opportunities differently to know when to jump in and when to let the kids learn on their own. While using Classical Conversations as our foundation, our family has a very eclectic schooling style and pulls from all methods.


Homeschoolers live at the library and love to buy books. Truth. Let me help you help change the way you approach family learning as you dive into history, illustrator studies, and all the pictures books. Always learning and always reading.

Adult Learning

As parents, we must show our kids that learning never stops whether we homeschool or traditional school. Why would they want to be like adults if adults seem bored and disinterested. What are you modeling in your reading life? Hobby life? Here’s to awesome adulting!