Life is full of learning for adults and kids alike. Be intentional.
You can learn everywhere when life is approached with wonder.
Hit the road and do school with these suggestions and itineraries.
Homeschool with good books, travel, and exploring your world.
Go wander, explore, and snatch back the wonder of childhood
It all counts!

Wander Our World

Let my personal experiences guide your homeschool preparation with discussion prompts, research topics, and book lists to expand the sights before and after your trips. Don’t miss my insider mom tips too to help you know what exactly to expect to make your travels less stressful.
Head out on a family road trip. Just go!

Be Inspired by the Latest Posts!

  • Ark Encounter: Kentucky’s Biggest Museum
    The Ark Encounter in Kentucky is a Bible-based museum inside a full-sized reproduction ark — but it’s a lot to plan! Associated with Answers in Genesis, this experience is based around Noah building the Ark as per the specifics in the Book of Genesis. With three floors of museum, it’s a beautiful, state-of-the-art museum full of science and learning opportunities as the realities of living on the ark come to life. With the proper planning and knowing what to expect, this is a trip you will continue thinking about for a long time afterward.
  • Creation Museum: Everything You Need to Know
    The Creation Museum in Kentucky is a Bible-based museum associated with Answers in Genesis based around six-day creation leading to the story of the Fall, Christ, and our world as it is today. It’s a beautiful, state-of-the-art museum full of science and learning opportunities that will challenge and strengthen your beliefs concerning creation, Evolution, geology, the Flood, and even dinosaurs. This is a trip you will continue thinking about for a long time afterward.
  • Etowah Indian Mounds State Historic Site – Cartersville, Georgia
    just north of Atlanta at the Etowah Indian Mounds State Historic Site. With six earthen mounds, this 53 acre historic site protects the land used from 1000 to 1550 AD by several thousand Native Americans. Start your visit to Etowah at the visitor center and prepare to walk around the site after this introduction to the plaza and three mounds which once held the priest’s home, temples, and burial sites.
  • National Civil War Naval Museum – Columbus, Georgia
    Did you know there are only four ironclad from the Civil War left? And one of right here in Georgia! Designed around the artifacts, this building houses the CSS Jackson, the largest surviving Confederate warship.   At more than 200 feet long, it’s remains are especially impressive when you step back to see the frame built to show its original size. Also present is other salvaged ship wreckage and replicas as well as weapons and equipment from the time. Leave time to explore the wall of detailed timeline of the Civil War; it’s enough in its own. 

Wonder at All Ages

Brothers Reading a Picture Book


A learning life is all around us. You just have to see the opportunities differently to know when to jump in and when to let the kids learn on their own. While using Classical Conversations as our foundation, our family has a very eclectic schooling style and pulls from all methods.


Homeschoolers live at the library and love to buy books. Truth. Let me help you help change the way you approach family learning as you dive into history, illustrator studies, and all the pictures books. Always learning and always reading.

Adult Learning

As parents, we must show our kids that learning never stops whether we homeschool or traditional school. Why would they want to be like adults if adults seem bored and disinterested. What are you modeling in your reading life? Hobby life? Here’s to awesome adulting!