Let’s Reclaim Wonder Together

Life is full of learning for adults and kids alike. Be intentional.
You can learn everywhere when life is approached with wonder.
Hit the road and do school with these suggestions and itineraries.
Homeschool with good books, travel, and exploring your world.
Go wander, explore, and snatch back the wonder of childhood.
It all counts!
Just go!

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  • Taking in Georgia’s Highest Point at Brasstown Bald
    This highest place in Georgia allows you to look out toward four states from the 360 view from the observation deck across the Chattahoochee – Oconee National Forest to Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Take the half-mile trail up from the parking lot at Brasstown Bald or catch the bus, but the views at 4,784 feet of the Chattahoochee – Oconee National Forest are well worth the trek either way. Here are the details you need for the best day trip from the Atlanta area.
  • Becoming the Lead Learner in Your Home
    Homeschooling families don’t need big elaborate plans and curriculum. They do need actively learning parents who model learning for them. Invite them into your adult reading and learning. Show them education doesn’t stop when school stops. Be the lifelong learner you want them to be one day.
  • Yellowstone Itinerary – Back to Texas Through the Southwest
    Road trips are not just about getting there – it’s about all the amazing places in between. Heading back to Texas from Yellowstone brought us dinosaurs, arches, and history trips. Check out our itinerary and plan your next United States road trip.
  • Classical Conversations: Our Top Ten Reasons After Eight Years (Part Two)
    If you’re considering the Classical Conversations homeschool program, you’re in the right place. Let these top five reasons to use CC guide you during this journey. After eight years homeschooling with this homeschool group, I have the insight you might want for your kids’ schooling. Welcome!
  • Classical Conversations: Our Top Ten Reasons After Eight Years (Part One)
    If you’re considering beginning Classical Conversations, looking around for answers, or just looking for encouragement to continue, you’re in the right place. Use these top ten reasons to use CC to guide you during this journey and learn a few insights into what I wish I had known. After eight years homeschooling with this homeschool group, I have the insight you might want. Welcome!
  • Explore Florida with a Crystal River Kayak Trip
    Family trips to Orlando tend to be so tiring. With day trip toward the west coast, your family could experience a different type of adventure. Swim with manatees, kayak down the river, cannonball into a spring, and explore the Crystal River area and “the Chaz”. With these insider tips, check out this day in nature.

Wonder at All Ages

Brothers Reading a Picture Book


A learning life is all around us. You just have to see the opportunities differently to know when to jump in and when to let the kids learn on their own. While using Classical Conversations as our foundation, our family has a very eclectic schooling style and pulls from all methods.


Homeschoolers live at the library and love to buy books. Truth. Let me help you help change the way you approach family learning as you dive into history, illustrator studies, and all the pictures books. Always learning and always reading.

Adult Learning

As parents, we must show our kids that learning never stops whether we homeschool or traditional school. Why would they want to be like adults if adults seem bored and disinterested. What are you modeling in your reading life? Hobby life? Here’s to awesome adulting!

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