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Most travel inspiration online isn’t realistic for the rest of us. Family travel and the homeschool life aren’t scary when you can see a real-life example. You can learn everywhere when life is approached with wonder. Remember. It all counts as learning.

Reclaiming Wonders is a family of six living with intention, traveling all over, and learning through life. We are Texan born, Georgia transplanted, and U.S. road warriors. Thanks for joining us as we create an adventure life, and we hope we can help you do the same with confidence. Welcome!

Recent Posts on Reclaiming Wonders

  • Creation Museum: Everything You Need to Know [2023]
    The Creation Museum in Kentucky is a beautiful, Bible-based, state-of-the-art museum full of science and learning opportunities that will challenge and strengthen your beliefs. Let my in-depth planning guide and Creation Museum tips make your vacation less-stressful, so you can enjoy your family trip even more.
  • Classical Conversations’ Essentials: The Basics You Need to Know
    Families using Classical Conversations for their homeschool program add the Essentials of the English Language program in fourth grade. Adding this to your full homeschool mom life can seem overwhelming. However, the grammar and writing that students learn through EEL is the best part of a CC learning day.
  • Visit Downtown Memphis: A Day Trip with Kids
    Unsure what to see in Memphis, Tennessee? Take a day or two to explore Memphis on your family road trip through the South. Let me help you plan your trip with this list of kid friendly adventures right in downtown Memphis. Click to check out my Memphis list!
  • Raising a Family of Lifelong Learners
    Teaching our kids happens everywhere. Creating a learning life happens no matter how you educate your kids. It’s not about “school”. Learn how to explore, teach, and embrace this family life with tips from one who is living in it.

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